Founded in 2015, MIG Academy for Language, Translation and Cultural Exchange Services is determined to open the doors of new opportunities for our MIGers everywhere through provision of a new vision and concept of teaching the German Language in the most effective and professional way. MIG also strives to introduce, spread and familiarize our MIGers with the rich German culture, so as not to only speak the language, but to live it as well on a daily basis.
Since we have a vision of providing MIGers with the skills and knowledge needed for them to Make it in Germany, we do our best to graduate ambitious MIGers equipped with the ability and motivation to succeed and excel both in Egypt and Germany, and to be easily integrated into the German society in the near future. To this end, we developed a plan and a mechanism for conveying a perfect comprehensive image of Germany in order to familiarize our motivated MIGers with the different aspects of cultural, social and political life in Germany.   

Since we believe that culture and language are inseparable, we adapted and aligned MIG Academy with this concept, starting from the Germanized premises, through our vision/mission and ending up with our educational curriculums and teaching methodologies. In parallel with this core concept, we also make sure to select the best teachers to convey the language, coupled with its cultural aspect, to our MIGers in the optimal way possible.
In MIG Academy, we see ourselves as partners with our MIGers, and our team is committed to provide long-term language/culture support beyond their expectations.


We are a group of skilled individuals.

Ali Mansour

MIG Founder

BA of German Language, Faculty of Languages, Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt.

Ali Worked for 3 years in DAAD as the Assistant Coordinator in the Scholarship Program.
At the moment he is doing his MA at the University of Vechta and also works as a Counsellor at Uni Assist.

Hossam Elhadad


MBA, (Masters in Business Administration Managment)
BA in Commerce, Cairo University

Hossam worked for more than 9 years in business administration in several local & multinational firms.
He is currently operating from Germany as the CEO of MIG.

Nermine Elsebai

Financial Manager

BA, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.
Nermine has more than 6 years of experience in the of field financial management in a large number of multinational and local companies operating in Egypt.
She currently serves as MIG Director of Financial Affairs.

Mi-Jin Busse

responsible for Project Development, Quality Control and PR

responsible for Project Development,
Quality Control and PR


In MIG, we have a robust process of hiring our teaching staff. MIG teachers are Egyptian language professionals with at least 3+ years of experience in the field of teaching. Since MIG aspires to Germanize the MIGers' journey in its premises, we supported our team with German instructors who provide both a wealth of experience in the language and teaching fields, as well as a unique opportunity for communication with our eager-to-learn MIGers.
This way, what we actually offer is an environment conducive for cultural exchange and communication, which is at the heart of our vision and mission, to which our dedication is unlimited.


Providing MIGers with the opportunity to resume higher education or pursue the career of their choice both domestically and abroad.


To educate, inspire and empower MIGers with our perfectly-designed language services.


Cultural Exchange


Providing MIGers with the opportunity to resume higher education or pursue the career of their choice both domestically and abroad.

Since flexibility is one of our core values, we are determined to support MIGers of all age groups depending on their educational level and financial capabilities. So, we customize packages for each category depending on their needs and availability as well. Flexibility has empowered us to provide language support to Egyptian parents willing to learn the German Language to support their children in their study. In addition, we provided many customized courses for our clients who are willing to resume their studies in Germany based on their highly-specific needs.
We are proud that our clients are so diversified that they include high school students, university undergraduate/graduate students, engineers, physicians, accountants, parents and many others. Our arms are open for anyone willing to improve his/her life and diversify his/her opportunities.    read more...

As part of our firm belief in social responsibility, we provided/provide opportunities for young students, who are financially unable to join our courses, to live the MIG experience Free of Charge as long as they are ready to demonstrate eagerness to learn and commitment to improvement. Our senior management also integrates them in fully-paid classes with other students in order to make sure they have the same unique experience.