How to Get to Germany?

To perfect our full range of services, we support our MIGers with all the needed information and consultancies about how to make it in Germany; in a word, whatever the question our MIGers might have, we guarantee that we will have the right answer to it …

yet still there is more! As part of our honest commitment to social responsibility, we are determined to provide this service FREE OF CHARGE in the forms listed below:

1. Regular lectures on how to apply to study in Germany
2. Seminars and workshops on discussing how to choose the appropriate course of study
3. 24/7 online channel that receives all the inquiries regarding the travel issues; and
4. Permanent unlimited support through our MIG representatives in all of our branches.
So, if you think you got an inquiry that was not already answered in the FAQ section, please stay tuned to our lectures, seminars and workshops, or leave a question for us now.


If you’re planning on moving to Germany , doing business or studying in Germany, you’ll need certified German translations of all your necessary legal documents. With accuracy and rapid turnaround.

MIG Translations should be your first choice.

Our certified translations are internationally accepted and we can translate and certify any document into German in the right format required. Simply send us a scanned copy and we’ll prepare it for presentation in no time.